DIY Christmas decoration

We are relentlessly approaching Christmas, and you may like it or not, but everybody wants to have the most (and best) decorated house in the UK. And have it ready for the arrival of Santa Claus down our chimney.

Lego Santa Claus

So the real problem these days is to have original and unique decorative items in our house. How can you do that? By making your own Christmas decorations! It is a good way to fuel the happy family feeling that all of us try to keep on Christmas (remember it should be everyday). All of you can help each other doing these decorations and have a good time all together at home while it is cold outside.


Let’s get started with our DIY Christmas decorations!


A centerpiece for your table is a typical Christmas atrezzo, but if you do it by yourself, it will be unique. For that, just grab a small tray or plate and wrinkle some felt in it. Choose a shiny one, and colours like grey, white, gold or red, which are commonly used at Christmas. Or maybe you want to step out and choose another colour. After placing the felt, make a tie (again in felt) of another colour to create some contrast. Some candles in the middle will be enough to create your own design centerpiece. But you can still add more things. Be creative, that’s the purpose of this.


Christmas decoration

Felt is one of the most used materials for this kind of decoration. And your Christmas tree can be full of it. Of course, made by you! Just make balls of any canvas and use felt again to decorate them with lines, grids, ties or anything you can think about. Remember to use colours that fit the rest of the decoration and your home.

Christmas cold

Create your own nativity scene. All of the others will be the same, but yours can be different. You can do just the Nativity scene or the whole land, with houses, castles, grass, farmers and, of course, the three kings. This is probably our most open advice because you can do limitless things. But we can suggest using some materials. Like using sand and moss to create the grass and deserts, little plants to create the farms and plasterboard or wood for the houses.

3 things to take care of when isolating your house

There are some aspects of your house that you should check out to make sure you don’t lose heat from your home. Before we start with them, the very first piece of advice we will give you, is to do not go further than 21 degrees on the thermostat. We’ve told you that before, and we will insist, regarding the positive benefits it brings to you – better health because the different temperature impact is lower; less humidity because of the vapour; and of course the electricity bill will be cheaper.

So, after saying that, let’s get into the aspects that we think are the most important in keeping your home well insulated, and how to fix any problems if necessary.

The walls

Cold wallare the main way heat could escape from our home. Old buildings use solid bricks which make the cold come inside your house, and there is not too much you can do to fix it. Nowadays bricks are not solid and some other materials are used to isolate the heating and keep a warm temperature.

Wall heaters

waste heat through the walls. You can solve this issue by placing heat bafflers which make the heat heading outside the wall to go back inside the house. The cheaper way is to use foil instead, placed behind the heaters as well.


Isolating windowsare obviously the other big problem when talking about heating insulation. Old windows made of wood and a single crystal are the main entrance for the winter cold. But you can use autoadhesive wheatherstrips, which will make your windows a high percentage more heat insulating. Anyway, the final solution would be to replace the window and use an aluminium made one with thermic crystal. They are expensive but you will get a 40% heat loss reduction, compared to the single crystal version.


Cold tilesis the third element to take care of. A huge amount of heating leaves our house through the floor. Tiles are cold and make our houses uncomfortable, but they are usually in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, where carpet would not be a practical option. So you can use tile laminate flooring, which is basically wood with tile finish.

But for any other kind of room, carpet is the first choice. Cheap and (obviously) easy to install. Anyway, the real way to fix this problem is to place a radiated floor, which means heaters below your feet, sounds cool eh! It is! But expensive.

4+1 Tips for fighting humidity, and why you should do it.

We’ve already discussed how you can use laminate flooring in the kitchen or bathroom nowadays, because some of them are water resistant. However, you probably still want to keep your home at a reasonably normal level of humidity, for many reasons. Your electrical devices obviously don’t like water, and a highly humid environment can exacerbate allergies and even asthma!  

So it is clear, we like to keep our homes at a normal level of humidity, for several reasons: temperature, health, comfortability, the list could go on forever. But we all know that in this climate, it is not always easy to keep our house’s warm and comfortable.

You can follow our guide of top tips to help you keep your home warm, cosy and safe, even during the winter months.

Use the extractor

This is probably the first rule you should follow when cooking. The vapour generated during cooking will make the kitchen walls “sweat” and could even create mold on them. Covering your cooking pots while boiling is also an invaluable piece of advice.

Mold at homeMold is probably better known for being an eyesore, rather than a health risk. However, exposure to mold can cause serious breathing problems in young infants and the older generation. Mycotoxins which are inhaled when we are exposed to mold weaken the blood vessels in our lungs, which can pose a fatal risk to young infants who are still growing, and the elder generation who may have lost strength. It is also very harmful for those who have a weak immune system.

For generally healthy people, prolonged exposure to mycotoxins can bring on a myriad of avoidable health problems.

So, if you spot any mold in your home, get it seen to ASAP! And please, follow our tips to help you keep your home at an optimum level of humidity, and therefore mold resistant!

Aerate the house

it is important to have new air inside, even if it is raining outside. Just a few minutes are enough. Remember to do this especially after having a shower or cooking. This will expel the hot air, as well as allowing fresh air in!

aerate your house by opening windows

Lower the thermostat

lowering the thermostat of your heaters may seem contradictory, but higher temperatures “create” more humidity than the lower ones. 21 degrees is enough to be comfortable at home. Remember you can wear a jumper at home. Plus, you’ll be saving energy, and money.

Hang out the washing

If it is possible, hang your washing outside. It creates a lot of condensation inside. You can’t do it every time, or in every home, but if you can, it would be great. If you cannot, this leads us to the last and definitive tip of today…

hang the clothes out

…buy a dehumidifier

If you follow our advice, your house will be more comfortable and you can save money while living better. It is a win win situation!

Do you know any other action that could help?


FinsaHome at the Landlord and Property Show 2015

The annual Landlord and Property show took place once again at the fabulous Echo Arena in Liverpool. It is a great place to hold the event. It was wonderful to see so many different industries brought together under one big roof!

FinsaHome in Liverpool Echo Arena

The Landlord and Property Show is something we look forward to for many reasons.

There isn’t, and never has been, another show like it in the Merseyside area.

It is a great chance to meet other professionals in the industry, and to get some valued feedback on our range of products.

We were very proud to show our new and quality range, and to take advantage of all the free seminars that took place over the weekend. The Landlord and Property Show provides a great chance to gain insight into the industry, and to recognise area’s of our business which we could improve, in order to serve the community in new and better ways.

Drinking coffee and learning new things; It is a good way to spend the weekend while creating new professional relationships!

FinsaHome has exhibited at the Merseyside Landlord Show. 

Thousands of landlords and property investors visited the Liverpool Echo Arena.

Through an extensive seminars program they learnt about popular topics such as: Landlord Insurance, Tenant Eviction and Property Investment and Taxing.

FinsaHome Showing products in Liverpool

The Landlord Accreditation Scheme stand was a popular stop among visitors. Together with the FinsaHome stand.

Visitors to the FinsaHome stand could appreciate first hand the quality of their proposals for kitchen and interior design.

The FinsaHome range of kitchens has recently introduced a most celebrated Buckingham range with very contemporary shaker designs in a sophisticated color palette: Stone Grey, Dakar Ash and Cashmere to name just a few.

Landlords highlighted the great quality of the Finsahome kitchen carcasses, in 18mm thick chipboard as standard at the greatly competitive prices that only the large manufacturing integration of the Finsa Group can provide.

Keep in touch with us and if you missed us in Liverpool, do come and visit us at the Landlord and Letting Show in Coventry, coming soon in November.



History of laminate flooring and ratings


Do you know how laminate flooring came to life? It was in a similar way to every other important step in humanity; IT WAS NEEDED!

history of laminate flooringYes, the swedish company Perstorp Corporation was about to close. Its sales were reducing during and after the 1973 crisis, known as the oil crisis. Like many other companies at that time, Perstorp had difficulties staying in business, so they had a desperate brainstorming session to find any solution to their problems. When they finished brainstorming, they had more than one hundred ideas. But they chose the one that would change the way we walk about our homes, forever. Its name (in swedish) was “Perkett laminatgolv” which literally means, laminate flooring.

After having the great initial idea, it took 2 years, and many tests and redesigns to get to something similar to what we have today (it has evolved a lot!). And the first name, was Perstorp Golv GL80.

After that, several brands started to create their own lines of laminate flooring. Sometimes even doing things completely differently from what they had been always doing.

You could say laminate flooring was a revolution!

I think that is enough history, and some of you may be asking yourselves about how laminate flooring is made. And it is quite simple! It is made of wood layers, except the last layer. The one you step on is harder and more beautiful. This one needs to resist the abrasion of stepping everyday, children playing, pets, and anything else that flooring should resist. Plus, they need to be beautiful, so this last layer has different finishes simulating any wood or even tiles and sometimes even images.


laminate flooring ac ratingGoing back to resistance and history, you should know the European Union created an ISO to regulate its resistance to abrasion. To test it they use a device which rubs the plank. So the amount of times this device can rub it before you can see the white layer, will determine its resistance like this table:

More than 900 times – AC1

More than 1.800 times – AC2

More than 2.500 times – AC3

More than 4.000 times – AC4

More than 6.500 times – AC5

Anyway, it is better to use other the other classification which is used nowadays. It classifies the laminate flooring according to its use. In other words, it is not the same to use the same laminate flooring in your living room than in a pub. So the categories estimate a durability according to this. They all start with Class 3x as it follows:

Class 31 – Heavy domestic use/Moderate commercial use

Class 32 – Heavy domestic use/Normal commercial use

Class 33 – Heavy domestic use/Heavy commercial use

Class 34 – Heavy domestic use/Industrial or very heavy commercial use


laminate flooring shipmentSo the best thing you can do when checking its quality, its to ensure it’s got a good value in both scales, to make sure it will shine as it does on the first day for many, many years.


Humidity and laminate flooring


Laminate flooring for rooms that get wet


laminate flooring and waterIt is not impossible to place laminate flooring in places where there is high humidity. There are housands of different possibilities under your feet will make the difference in each room of your house. Yes! You can use laminate flooring for every room in your house! Even in your bathroom or kitchen. Laminate flooring and humidity are now friends!


Laminate flooring is the trendy choice nowadays because it is quick and easy to install, cheap and is very resistant. But, the bathroom and the kitchen have not been a part of this game for a long time. Not now. You can take advantage of your decorative abilities in these spaces too.


tile laminate flooring and humiditySo, for the bathroom, you have to think about the finish and colours according to your preferences and the rest of the house (which should be based on your preferences as well). Remember to match (or complement) the floor of the bathroom with the space you enter from to inside. It is about balance and chromatic harmony.


Most bathrooms are not big and light enough and some do not have  windows. But don’t worry, you can “fix” this by placing light coloured tiled laminate flooring. On the other hand, if your main priority is warmth you may want to use red or dark tones.


tile laminate flooring for bathroom and kitchenTo make it feel bigger remember again to use light colours, and floorboard. Furthermore the planks have to be facing the incoming light. If your bathroom is small, use light shaded flooring, and dark or contrasted furniture. Colour is relevant to how the room feels in terms of size.


Remember to choose a specific laminate flooring for wet areas. They are antiskid and antibacterial for obvious reasons. Almost as important is that they are more reinforced on their clips which prevents moisture drops from passing down and damaging the flooring or any other structural part of your home.


Be ahead of anything you’ve seen before and try new colour combinations! And share them with us!


Electric eficiency, easier than what you think

Let’s talk about efficiency, not restrictions on power consumption. People think that to save energy (and money) in your electricity bill you need to go back to pleistocene, and that’s not true! If you want to save money and take care of the planet where you live, just follow our tips!  This is not to make your life more difficult, but to change your lifestyle to a more eco friendly one. This is like a diet, it is not something you have to suffer everyday to resist the foods you are not allowed to eat. What you need to do is to change your habits, that’s all. Let’s see what we can improve. Continue reading

Traditional kitchens are trendy now!

If you want to be different in terms of design and decoration in your kitchen, you may want to go back to a traditional and rustic style kitchen. You can keep it modern yet unique with our advice, and combine a traditional look with a contemporary feel.

Use wood

rustic kitchen with woodyes, wood is obviously the main character on any traditional kitchen, so use it, and do it a lot! It can be present in cupboards, worktops and flooring. Wooden furniture fits almost any style so you won’t have any problems matching your existing furniture items to any new kitchen.

Mix and win

different styles, wood and metal, dull and bright. Everything can work and make your kitchen unique and different from any other. If you want to design your kitchen using a countryside style, you can use a cloth instead of doors for your cupboards. After that, go outside and sing the Do-Re-Mi song from “The sound of music” while spinning under the sun.

About worktops

traditional kitchen with rounded worktopif you want to go to the extreme countryside, you need to use rounded corner worktops in white or just raw wood colour. It would be completely different just by making sharp corners instead of rounded, think about that. Small details can make a big difference!

Classic taps

and a rounded pit as a sink, in bronze or gold colours will look great! Also (again) you can include some modern styles like introducing a chrome effect finish.

When choosing your flooring

rustic kitchen with white wallsyou may want to get tiles. If this is your case, you should consider using different size tiles to make it feel even more “handmade” and rustic. If you prefer using wood, remember to treat the flooring properly to resist the abrasion in this space of the house. You can go for laminate flooring or LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) which are easier to install and needs low to zero maintenance because they are extremely resistant to abrasion. The important thing on this topic in order to be really rustic, and to get the natural feeling, is to use irregular tiles or lodes in laminate flooring.

Let’s paint the walls

in ocher or stone colours, mixed with any kind of light grey or white (to make it look bigger and lighter). To protect the walls around the stovetops you can use real tiles or rustic stone in this area.

Have you got any other ideas about keeping your kitchen rustic while being modern? Let us know!

Fireplace, decorate it easily

If you are lucky to have a fireplace in your house, you know that is not always easy to make it the great feature it should be. You can take advantage of it easily and really cheaply in most the cases. Today we will show you some decoration tips to enhance this special part of your home.

Mirrors or paintings

Decorate your fireplaceThey are great allies of the fireplace. One of them over the chimney is always a classic and elegant piece of decoration. They show your own personality because of the endless variety of styles of both, mirror and paintings, you can find. You can play with the frames to match the rest of the living room’s style or make it different by highlighting it. You can even have no frames at all.

Mirror at the fireplaceAnd remember you don’t even need to use any tools. It is trendy right now to just place them on the shelf over the fireplace.

One advantage of using a mirror is that it will make the room look bigger. And you can also use more than one painting (if they are not too big).

Candles, plants or boxes

You can use anything to complement your chimney, you just need some imagination. Candles are in coherence with the fireplace (seems obvious), and you can use different sizes of them to avoid dreariness. ALWAYS be careful with candles, they are not in a protected environment like the fire in the fireplace, so keep an eye on them at all times.

Decorative boxes are often used around the chimney. Brown, yellow or any other fire related colours will create a beautiful background when the fireplace is being used.

Box to decorate your fireplaceIf you prefer to use plants around the fireplace, use a “hot friendly” plant, and move them away when the fireplace is on. Most of them will wither because of the heat from the fire. So these would be a better choice for summer, when you will not be using your fireplace. This leads us to our next point…

Decorate depending on the time of the year:

The good thing about decorating fireplaces is that they are really easy to change. Take advantage of this and get some different styles ready to modify the feeling of your living room by just changing a couple of things in your chimney.

I am pretty sure we don’t need to tell you that some Christmas decorations during the festive season  will give your house a magic touch, if you are in that mood.

Any ideas that you could add to our list? Let us know in the comments section, or send your pictures to us and we will publish it!

Kitchen carcasses, the tips you need to buy them properly

There are some differences between kitchen carcasses that you should take into account before buying yours. These differences will determine how long your carcass will last in good conditions. We cannot just look at them and choose by their appearance. The thickness and treatment they have received are really important. So let’s go step by step talking about everything that is relevant when choosing your desired kitchen carcass.

When buying kitchen carcasses you should consider:

Density and thickness

Kitchen carcasses and cabinetsis the most important thing to look at when buying new kitchen carcasses. The cabinet will be stronger and able to keep more weight when it is more dense and thick. Buying thick and dense kitchen carcasses will avoid them to reel or deform, which is important, isn’t it?

Waterproof treatment

Waterproof kitchen carcassesis another important point for kitchen carcasses, since they are often exposed to water (unless you never cook and order delivery often). Plus, it is not only a matter of a water drop when cooking something, but the natural humidity from condensation found in every kitchen in the world.

Kitchen carcasses need doors, and there are plenty options:

Laminated replacement kitchen doors:

They are made using wood agglomerated with laminated sheets stuck on it. You can find these sheets on different thickness and a huge variety of colours to give your kitchen cabinets the personality that fits you. And all of this at an affordable price.

Multi layered replacement kitchen doors

are pretty much the same as the ones described above, but made with many laminated sheets (could you guess?). This specification gives the kitchen door the optional milling design.

Lacquered replacement kitchen doors

Kitchen carcasses and doorsare made with MDF with one or more layers of lacquered paint. It is really important with this kind of kitchen door to know how many layers it has, specially when they are not on white colour, because if you (accidentally) scratch your brand new kitchen door, you will see the white layer colour below it.

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Hardwood replacement kitchen doors

are the most expensive choice of all the ones we have discussed here. But they can be milled or lacquered with no problems at all. They last really long in good conditions and they are the classic ones.

We hope you found this is helpful to help you build your dreamed kitchen!