Worktop, find the perfect for you!

Are you a chef, or do you rely more on your microwave? Whatever you do in your kitchen, you don’t need to worry – there is a kitchen worktop for you! You should keep in mind that just because your worktop may be used intently, it doesn’t mean that can’t be stylish.

Today we are going to help you choose your perfect worktop, and point out some things that you may not have considered along the way.

So let’s get started, there are some rules you should follow to be happy with your worktop…

  • It has to fit your lifestyle
  • It has to fit your way of cooking
  • It has to fit your preferences

Do you like spending time in the kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking?

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or you just like to cook, you should go for something that is resistant to heat and abrasion.

You can chose a natural stone worktop. They are strong and resistant. There are plenty of options in this category to choose from. However, it could be really expensive depending on the type of stone you choose.

Stone WorktopAnother interesting choice if you are a cooking enthusiast, is a quartz worktop. There is a huge range of colours for worktops made of quartz, from beige to pink, so you will find the perfect one for you. The thing is quartz is not so heat resistant, so you will have to be careful with it.

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Our last suggestion for cooks is the porcelain ceramic worktop. They are made of a really resistant material in terms of heat and wear. Plus, they are nonstick and some of them are even antibacterial. Designed on plain colours, they are trendy right now because of their fineness.

Don’t have time for cooking? Don’t like it? Don’t worry, there are worktops for you too!

White stone laminated worktop

If you are more of a tupperware and microwave person, you probably don’t need the high spec worktops we’ve been talking about. But there are still a couple more options for you to choose from.

Laminated worktops are probably the best choice for you. The range of finishes is so huge that it is ridiculous to talk about – you can find everything you can imagine! They are not so resistant to wear and heat, but they will meet your needs! The best thing about this kind of worktop is the price! They are really cheap for what you get!

Wood worktopAnd last but by no means least, is the option of real wood. A real wood kitchen counter top will give your kitchen a warm and natural touch! A little more expensive than a laminated worktop, but a little more hardwearing too! Real wood is the only option on our list which is recommended for cutting, slicing and chopping!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options when choosing your kitchen worktop. Just follow your needs and your budget!

Tell me where you live, and I’ll help you choose your floor

When choosing your perfect floor, some critical questions will rise: Will this one fit the style of my home? Will this one make the room look bigger? Will this one be long lasting? There are several types of flooring like tiles, wood, laminated, or vinyl. Each one is perfect for a specific house depending on where you live, and just as good for any others. This is what we want you to think about when choosing a floor.

Tile flooring

Types of floor - Tile floor

Tile floor

is perfect for the bathroom, the kitchen and terrace. The most important specification of this flooring that makes it perfect for these rooms is the humidity resistance and that it is easy to clean. There are several finishes for this flooring, including wood looking, marble, slate… So you won’t have any problem when thinking about style. You have plenty options to choose from! They are even more perfect for warm coast houses, where it is usually hot and by the beach. The sand will be easy to sweep away.

Using wood flooring

Types of floor - Wood floor

Wood floor

to help fight the winter cold. This is a classic use of wood flooring as it is often used in cold areas for its thermal isolation. Colours used on this flooring have evolved over the years so they are not so traditional now. Colours like grey or white are trending now and replacing those old fashioned “wood” colours. This flooring provides elegance and class plus more value to your house (because it is expensive).

Laminate flooring

Types of flooring -  laminate flooring

Laminate flooring

is the probably the most popular of the options. It fits pretty much every space you could need it to. It is made of substances taken from real wood and synthetic products, so you don’t need to worry about what it is made of. The important thing about this type of flooring is the fact that they almost don’t need any maintenance and they are the easiest to clean. In addition they are the cheapest flooring you can get and are easy to install. That’s why we think it is a perfect fit for most cases.

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Vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tile (LVT)

is the last one on this list. Maybe the reason for that is that it is the most recent innovation of this business. It is very similar to laminate flooring but made with a rubber feeling. It is even more resistant to abrasion and it provides a huge range of textures and finishes. It is good for insulation and easy to install, just stick this to the previous floor in the room or use the “click method”.

Remember a couple of tips already said in some other posts like to place the laminate flooring in the same way as the light comes into the room to make it feel bigger. Or use light coloured flooring to light up the room and dark colours to make it feel warmer.

It is always a good decision to invest money in your house. Just look for the floor you like and the one that fits your needs and go for it. After that, you can show us your results!

How to organise the paintings in your living room

This is not an easy task, but we will try to make it easier with our tips for organising all kinds of paintings in your living room.

So you have bought or painted these canvases and now you have some doubts about where and how to place them. Help is always welcome so let’s place them together!

The first question when placing paintings is which will fit better in your living room in terms of lighting and space?

Place paintings horizontallyIf you have a small living room you should not have too many paintings. We want to make a room feel bigger, don’t we? So simply use bigger paintings instead of a large amount of them. This will ensure that the room does not look too busy.

If your living room has a lack of light, the best way to solve this issue (using paintings) is to place light coloured ones, and make sure again that they match the size of the space.

There are several ways to hang them up depending on your preferences and the style of your house. Here we suggest some of the most commonly used:


Use two paintings in the same axis, horizontal or vertical. Furthermore always use the same theme, for example landscapes, family pictures or portraits.

Resting on a shelf:

One original way is to place them on a shelf instead of hanging them up. You can even place them on top of a piece of furniture.

On a horizontal line:

When placed vertically, this creates an illusion of a higher roof. On the other hand, placing them horizontally will make your room seem bigger.

Placing picturesThat is all for now about placing your pictures, but we want to give you a couple of more tips::

Place paintings with colours that match the chairs and tables in the room. It is all about chromatic harmony in any space.

Finally, use adhesive felt on the back of the paintings to avoid the wall becoming damaged.

Is there anything that we have forgotten? If so please let us know in the comments section.

Cold Beers in 10 minutes? We know how to do it!

Going to the shops or ordering online, gathering everything you need, creating the perfect environment, moving furniture, getting prepared for working safely, feeding the dog… We know that doing your own stuff at home is tiring (and satisfying), so we thought, what if you would like to rest in the middle of D.I.Y. project? Or at the end of it?

But… what if you forgot to buy some beers and put them in the fridge the day before? Warm beers are disgusting and, after working (or in the middle) you really want that beer inside of an ice cold can… in fact, it’s the one you deserve! Let’s cold beers quickly

We need to make these beers cold in the fastest way possible!

So here we are, to help you solve this issue.

Cold beers - the beerToday we are not giving advice about a DIY tip or technique, but about something that you can do to make these DIY moments better, which in turn will make you love what you create even more!

Let’s get started with this easy-to-follow 2 step reward guide.

We are assuming that you already have these warm, disgusting beers, maybe hidden in the basement, or in the cupboard, but not in the fridge, or not for a long enough in there.

1st step:

You need a sheet of kitchen roll (any tissue or toilet paper would work too, but trust me, it is better with kitchen roll) for each beer you want to freeze ultra fast. Soak this sheet in water and coil it around the can or bottle.

2nd step:

Place the beer with the coiled sheet into the freezer and wait 10 miCold beers - the freezernutes.


We are not scientists, but the quick explanation about this fact is; The water on the sheet will get cold really fast, even frozen, in some minutes. This frozen water is in touch with the can or bottle and will make it freeze faster than if the can were in the freezer with just cold air circulating around it. Imagine you are on a snowy mountain… Yes, it is cold there, but it would be a lot worse if you were in contact with water. You would die faster, and that’s what we want to do with our beloved beers – kill them quickly so that they don’t suffer. :)

Do you have any other hack to make beer get cold faster? Share it with us!!!

Flooring Calculator, how much flooring do you need?

When we are about to refurbish or install new laminated flooring in our house, we need to make a brief estimation of how big the room we want to cover is. With this in mind, we will know how many boxes of laminate flooring we need to buy. Lots of laminate flooring websites have their own flooring calculator in each product page. Each shop knows how many square meters one box would cover. All you need to do is it type in the ‘Area’ of your room, and you will be informed of how many boxes you’ll need to buy! So, you need to know how to figure out the area of a room!

It is an easy calculation, so don’t worry!

If you have a square or rectangle room , this is a particularly easy equation!

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Flooring calculator: Square or rectangle

Room area flooring calculator - RectangleSo, to find out the area of your room, you just need to measure two sides of the room; the length and the width. Multiply these numbers together and you have figured out the area of your room! For example, if one side of your room measures 7 meters, and the other side measures 5 meters, the area of your room will be 7×5=35 meters squared. Another way of writing this, is 35m2.

If your chosen room is not a simple square or a rectangle shape, you will have to make a slightly trickier calculation!

There are two equation options to choose from! The first one is simple; Inside the geometric shape of your room, divide it into small squares or rectangles and figure out the areas of all of them. Add these area’s together, and you got it! This is probably the most archaic way to do it, and may be a little time consuming, So we encourage you to try the second equation! If not a square or rectangle, the shape of your room is likely to be a trapeze or trapezoid; we are assuming your room is not a triangle or a circle!

The equation for trapeze and trapezoid rooms is explained below!

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Flooring calculator: Trapeze and trapezoid

Room area flooring calculator - RectangleYou just need to know the length of each parallel side of the room and the distance between them, which is the height of the trapeze. So, it is the sum of the length of each parallel side divided by 2, and the result, multiplied for the distance between them (the height). It is not so difficult, is it?

For the more laid back type, we have a third option; you could go to the shop and buy one box of laminate flooring. Lay it out in your chosen room and estimate how many boxes it would take to fill the room.

You could even buy loads of boxes in one go, and return any boxes you didn’t need to open!

In any case, it is always a good idea to buy a little more laminate flooring than you will actually need, just in case you made your calculations wrong (that’s life!), or you cut something wrong (that’s life!), or you make a mess after some time of having placed it (don’t worry… that’s life!)


Kitchen refurbishment, you can do it on a budget!

Your kitchen is old, you know it. You want to buy a new one, but you don’t want to spend too much money. You need a kitchen refurbishment. Yes, we can read minds… So, we are going to tell you the “secrets” of how to get your new kitchen on a low budget. You will just need a can do attitude!

The first thing

Kitchen refurbishement - Old kitchen

Refurbish your kitchen easily

to do is remove your old kitchen cabinets. It should be easy in most cases, especially if you are not expecting to use them again for any other purpose, so you can break them, which makes this relaxing… even therapeutic! However, you may want to reuse the cabinets and only buy new doors for them. It is totally up to you, but the real change will come if you modify the structure of your kitchen a little bit.

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After that,

painting walls, and refurbishing the floor should be the next step. You can paint tiles, it is easy. Just ask for a special paint to do that job in your nearest shop. Remember to clean them before starting. And do not be scared of painting them with contrasted colours, or even like a chess board. For refurbishing the floor you can use vinyls or tile laminated flooring, which is an affordable option and the results are impressive, plus, you can install it by yourself easily. So, we got floor and the walls ready to go.

The third step

may vary depending on your choice in the first step. So, if you are just modifying the appearance of your kitchen and not the layout, it is time to take the old front doors and drawers out, and take the new ones out of the box. If you made a proper purchase (in terms of the size of your old cabinets and new doors), you just need a screwdriver to install the new ones, simple as that. In case you preferred to go a little bit further and restructure your kitchen, it’s the moment to mount your news cabinets, with the new doors. It is not difficult to do, you just need some more time, that’s all. Remember always to buy hinges and handles, which are not usually included with your cabinets and doors. If you are here, you are almost done with your kitchen refurbishment!

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Did you buy a new worktop?

If so, this is the moment to place it over your almost finished new kitchen!

Kitchen refurbishment - New kitchen

And that´s all!

To finish

your new design, you can add to the final work some kitchen accessories, like a kitchen clock, paintings, or whatever could give your kitchen something that better reflects your personality. Congratulations! You´ve finished your kitchen refurbishment !

Types of laminate flooring, get the correct for each room!

Each home is different, and each laminate flooring is different as well. What is under your feet will define the sensation created in each room. There are several ways to make your house look good from the ground up; the floor. You may think it is expensive, but you will soon realize it is not. Plus, it is easy to install, clean and more resistant than traditional wood floors.

In this post we will show you the different types of laminate flooring you can find in almost every catalogue.

So let’s get started with some general advice.

For the whole house

Types of laminate flooring - general purposeBe careful when choosing your laminate flooring. You need to make sure it will complement the colour of your doors and your furniture. But remember, it is not about being the same or having a similar colour; contrast could work too!

For the bedrooms

Types of laminate flooring - living roomThis is the place where you want to relax, sleep and be comfortable. So you would probably prefer to have light flooring in this room, and in harmony with the rest of furniture. This should be the same for studio or office rooms as well,  as you need to focus there. Remember to place the laminate flooring in the same direction as the light comes into the room to create an illusion of a bigger space.

For the living room

The colour for this room depends on how big your living room is. If it is small, you can place light and soft colours in it to “make it look” bigger and lighter. But if the room is big, you should avoid that strategy, or it could create a sensation of a burden. instead of that, choose dark or natural colours which will still provide an elegant feeling.

For the kitchen and bathroom

Yes! You can! Lots of people think that laminate flooring is not suitable for placing in potentially wet rooms. But, nowadays, there are a lot of water resistant laminated floors, Plus, some of them are non skid and antibacterial. So you can get the best conditions Types of laminate flooring - Bathroom and kitchenfor your bathroom with a reduced price, and like always, easy installation. Again, the colours should be chosen in concordance with the size of the bathroom or kitchen, like in the living room. Remember to choose a kitchen floor with really long durability, as it is an intensely used room. And always remove everything you can do easily before installing it so you will get a perfect fitting.

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Do you have any other design tips you could add to this? If so, please let us know in the comments!

Preparing your mind for changes and refurbishments

Anyone can tell you how to carry out a practical job, but have you ever thought about preparing your mind?

Do you think it is time to renovate your house? It is summer, the perfect time for setting new projects to life, so why not?! It can be a daunting task if you have a lot to do, and no idea where to start. But don’t worry, we are here to help you! Everyone deserves the house of their dreams, and we believe you only need three things to get it; planning, patience, and a can do attitude!

So, lets get started with our guide towards building the house of your dreams!

Firstly, you probably already have some ideas of what you would like to do. New Kitchen? New Bathroom? Redecorate the living room? Continue reading

Kitchen Design: Traditional, Contemporary and Modern

Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home; It is more than just another room in the house. The kitchen design needs to reflect the personality of the owner, and the impression they want to show.

These days, the kitchen has taken on a bigger role in the house. It is where friends and family gather after a long day of work. It is where you can let loose and party together, or where you can chill and just catch up with each other.

Kitchens need to be useful, beautiful and make the most of every aspect they can offer.

Today, we will give you a brief example of what you can have; gloss kitchens, contemporary kitchens, classic kitchens. There are so many different styles to choose from – and with our range, they are affordable for everybody!

We always offer quality, usability and durability for the place we need to love.

We would be really pleased to cook in any of these kitchens below, and we are pretty sure you would be too!

Continue reading

Underlay for laminate flooring, which one?

Before installing a new laminate floor we may want to place a layer underneath the actual floor. It is called foam, underlay, or base. There are some important reasons to do that:

  • Steam Barrier
  • To level small irregularities
  • Thermal isolation
  • Acoustical isolation

Talking about its thickness, there are many different types. But the most used is the 3mm thick one, which is recommended by most of the manufacturers. Anyway, you can fill your needs with different ones, like 1mm or 5mm, if you need more isolation for example.

Underlay For laminate flooringThere are laws in some countries about this topic, making it an obligation to place this kind of underlay under all laminate flooring. Anyway, I bet it is almost impossible to be checked… It is mandatory as well in most of the cases for the underlays to have a film to make it steam resistant.

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The standard material for the underlay foam is polyethylene. It has a thin transparent film in one of its sides. It is usually white and 3 or 2 millimetres thick. This standard underlay makes all of the points on the list at the top of the post in an average way. But there are some other types to fit specific needs, as follows. Continue reading