Traditional kitchens are trendy now!

If you want to be different in terms of design and decoration in your kitchen, you may want to go back to a traditional and rustic style kitchen. You can keep it modern yet unique with our advice, and combine a traditional look with a contemporary feel.

Use wood

rustic kitchen with woodyes, wood is obviously the main character on any traditional kitchen, so use it, and do it a lot! It can be present in cupboards, worktops and flooring. Wooden furniture fits almost any style so you won’t have any problems matching your existing furniture items to any new kitchen.

Mix and win

different styles, wood and metal, dull and bright. Everything can work and make your kitchen unique and different from any other. If you want to design your kitchen using a countryside style, you can use a cloth instead of doors for your cupboards. After that, go outside and sing the Do-Re-Mi song from “The sound of music” while spinning under the sun.

About worktops

traditional kitchen with rounded worktopif you want to go to the extreme countryside, you need to use rounded corner worktops in white or just raw wood colour. It would be completely different just by making sharp corners instead of rounded, think about that. Small details can make a big difference!

Classic taps

and a rounded pit as a sink, in bronze or gold colours will look great! Also (again) you can include some modern styles like introducing a chrome effect finish.

When choosing your flooring

rustic kitchen with white wallsyou may want to get tiles. If this is your case, you should consider using different size tiles to make it feel even more “handmade” and rustic. If you prefer using wood, remember to treat the flooring properly to resist the abrasion in this space of the house. You can go for laminate flooring or LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) which are easier to install and needs low to zero maintenance because they are extremely resistant to abrasion. The important thing on this topic in order to be really rustic, and to get the natural feeling, is to use irregular tiles or lodes in laminate flooring.

Let’s paint the walls

in ocher or stone colours, mixed with any kind of light grey or white (to make it look bigger and lighter). To protect the walls around the stovetops you can use real tiles or rustic stone in this area.

Have you got any other ideas about keeping your kitchen rustic while being modern? Let us know!

Fireplace, decorate it easily

If you are lucky to have a fireplace in your house, you know that is not always easy to make it the great feature it should be. You can take advantage of it easily and really cheaply in most the cases. Today we will show you some decoration tips to enhance this special part of your home.

Mirrors or paintings

Decorate your fireplaceThey are great allies of the fireplace. One of them over the chimney is always a classic and elegant piece of decoration. They show your own personality because of the endless variety of styles of both, mirror and paintings, you can find. You can play with the frames to match the rest of the living room’s style or make it different by highlighting it. You can even have no frames at all.

Mirror at the fireplaceAnd remember you don’t even need to use any tools. It is trendy right now to just place them on the shelf over the fireplace.

One advantage of using a mirror is that it will make the room look bigger. And you can also use more than one painting (if they are not too big).

Candles, plants or boxes

You can use anything to complement your chimney, you just need some imagination. Candles are in coherence with the fireplace (seems obvious), and you can use different sizes of them to avoid dreariness. ALWAYS be careful with candles, they are not in a protected environment like the fire in the fireplace, so keep an eye on them at all times.

Decorative boxes are often used around the chimney. Brown, yellow or any other fire related colours will create a beautiful background when the fireplace is being used.

Box to decorate your fireplaceIf you prefer to use plants around the fireplace, use a “hot friendly” plant, and move them away when the fireplace is on. Most of them will wither because of the heat from the fire. So these would be a better choice for summer, when you will not be using your fireplace. This leads us to our next point…

Decorate depending on the time of the year:

The good thing about decorating fireplaces is that they are really easy to change. Take advantage of this and get some different styles ready to modify the feeling of your living room by just changing a couple of things in your chimney.

I am pretty sure we don’t need to tell you that some Christmas decorations during the festive season  will give your house a magic touch, if you are in that mood.

Any ideas that you could add to our list? Let us know in the comments section, or send your pictures to us and we will publish it!

Kitchen carcasses, the tips you need to buy them properly

There are some differences between kitchen carcasses that you should take into account before buying yours. These differences will determine how long your carcass will last in good conditions. We cannot just look at them and choose by their appearance. The thickness and treatment they have received are really important. So let’s go step by step talking about everything that is relevant when choosing your desired kitchen carcass.

When buying kitchen carcasses you should consider:

Density and thickness

Kitchen carcasses and cabinetsis the most important thing to look at when buying new kitchen carcasses. The cabinet will be stronger and able to keep more weight when it is more dense and thick. Buying thick and dense kitchen carcasses will avoid them to reel or deform, which is important, isn’t it?

Waterproof treatment

Waterproof kitchen carcassesis another important point for kitchen carcasses, since they are often exposed to water (unless you never cook and order delivery often). Plus, it is not only a matter of a water drop when cooking something, but the natural humidity from condensation found in every kitchen in the world.

Kitchen carcasses need doors, and there are plenty options:

Laminated replacement kitchen doors:

They are made using wood agglomerated with laminated sheets stuck on it. You can find these sheets on different thickness and a huge variety of colours to give your kitchen cabinets the personality that fits you. And all of this at an affordable price.

Multi layered replacement kitchen doors

are pretty much the same as the ones described above, but made with many laminated sheets (could you guess?). This specification gives the kitchen door the optional milling design.

Lacquered replacement kitchen doors

Kitchen carcasses and doorsare made with MDF with one or more layers of lacquered paint. It is really important with this kind of kitchen door to know how many layers it has, specially when they are not on white colour, because if you (accidentally) scratch your brand new kitchen door, you will see the white layer colour below it.

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Hardwood replacement kitchen doors

are the most expensive choice of all the ones we have discussed here. But they can be milled or lacquered with no problems at all. They last really long in good conditions and they are the classic ones.

We hope you found this is helpful to help you build your dreamed kitchen!

5 key aspects to buy your perfect extractor

Have you ever wondered if your kitchen has the extractor it should? Are you planning to buy a new one? You are in the right place then!

There are some key aspects you should think about before buying a new extractor. Where is it going to be placed? What noise levels will it throw out? What size? How powerful? What should it be made of?

Let’s start with the technical issues and end on the design and materials, which is more aesthetical.

The size of the extractor

Extractor size, the stovetopneeds to be equal to or higher than your stovetop. If your stovetop is 60cm width, you will have no problems at all, since it is the smallest one you can have, and the most popular too.

The position of the extractor

is different for the recommendations of each manufacturer, but there are similarities between them too. In general, most of them recommend to place it at around 70cm above the stovetop when electrical, and 5cm more if it uses gas

The power of the extractor

Power of the extractoryou will need is related to the size of your kitchen. You just need to multiply the area of your kitchen (you can use our flooring calculator for this) by the height (so you calculate the cubic measure), and the result of it, multiply again by 12.

For example:

Square kitchen
3.5m x 3.5m = 12.25m2
12.25m2 x 2.5m (height) = 30.6m3
30.6m3 x 12 = 367.5 m3/h

The noise levels

on these electrical devices are high, at around 52dB. So, to avoid that noise level, you should use a plain tube to connect to the extractor, and place it as near to the gas collector tube that you can.

The design and materials

Design and materials of extractorsyou use is a huge world to explore. If you have an island in your kitchen, with the stovetop on top of it, you already know what kind of extractor you need. It is different when the extractor needs to be placed near a wall. Apart from these 2 things, there is so much range in colours and designs. The choice is yours!

Cheap laminate flooring, ways to get it even cheaper

Stepping onto a real wood floor is fantastic, but sadly it is not affordable for everyone. However, laminate flooring is a cheap alternative and the final results could make you change your mind about DIY. DIY can save you a lot of money and the process of doing things yourself can make you really fall in love with your home.

We all love natural wood floors, but we also know it is not affordable. It is expensive and it needs as much attention as a little baby. So… Is it worth?

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We think not! The price difference between laminate and real wood floor is so high that you could literally refurbish your whole house several times instead of paying for real wood flooring just once throughout your home.

cheap laminate flooring on ebayPlus, you can get laminate flooring even cheaper when you buy from second hand sources. When people sell this kind of cheap laminate flooring it is because it can be sold. In other words, it can be reused. It is not new, it will have obvious cosmetic wear, but it can still be used again.

Imagine you want to place laminate flooring in a bedroom where kids play all day. You can save a lot of money if you buy your laminate flooring second hand, especially if you know it will be replaced again when the kids have grown up (yes, we know sometimes they never do).

Or if you are starting a business, a pub for example, you may need to save money in the early stages. It can be a good idea to buy the cheapest laminate flooring you can, especially if there is not going to be much light on it anyway.

Cheap Laminate flooring on 2nd hand websites

cheap laminate flooring on gumtreeSo, going back to the second hand sources where you can buy cheap laminate flooring… You probably already know eBay, the site where anyone, company or personal, can sell anything. Of course, there is room for DIY projects and materials too. You just need to check the reputation of the seller, and read descriptions carefully. Maybe you are weary to send money to someone you don’t know, but you and your money will always be protected in case anything goes wrong.

There are some other second hand websites like Gumtree, where it is highly recommended to filter the search to a nearby seller since there is no buyers protection of any type. The advantage of this kind of transaction is that you can see and touch what you buy before paying for it because you have to collect it yourself from the seller, or arrange for them to meet you somewhere.

Cheap laminate flooring on sales

cheap laminate flooring on offerThe third choice of buying cheap laminate flooring is to look for the sales or offers of laminate flooring manufacturers or resellers. You will get new and cheap laminate flooring.

This is probably your best choice for saving money when getting brand new laminate flooring. Remember that anything too cheap, could make you spend more later…

Kitchen cabinet – replacing or refacing?

So you are tired of entering your kitchen which is about 20 years old and looks like a Breaking Bad scene, when all you really want is one which could be seen in the Hell’s Kitchen finals. But you are asking yourself whether or not it is worth replacing the whole kitchen or just taking advantage of what you already have and saving a huge amount of money in the process by just by refacing it.

Reface kitchen cabinets - beforeWe have explained in other posts how to make your kitchen look brand new on a budget. This time we will talk about whether or not you need or don’t need to replace cabinets and/or doors to get the same results.

This is a much discussed topic, and there is usually just one determinant factor, your budget… Yes, and your DIY skills too… No, that’s too easy. It is also how motivated you are to do the work.

Ok, so let’s assume you are motivated enough to use some hours of your weekend in order to make your kitchen look better, and/or that your pockets are almost empty. For this reason we will discard the full kitchen refurbishment and instead just focus on refacing.

First of all,

think about the layout of your kitchen furniture. Do you like it? Would you move anything? All? Nothing?

Obviously, if you don’t need to move anything, or you can use what you have to build what you want, you will save money.

The second step

to take is to check the quality of your kitchen carcasses. Heat and humidity is often filtered through the kitchen furniture and this harms your furniture without you even realising it until it is damaged. Or maybe you have a cat, a dog, kids, or it is simply just too old.

reface kitchen carcasses - afterIn case any of the first two steps apply to you, you can still do your own low cost kitchen refurbishment by buying DIY kitchen carcasses.

If you reach this point it means that you have already thought about using carcasses and now you need to put them together to become kitchen cabinets, what lead us to the next step.

The third step

is to find a proper kitchen door to fit your taste. There are so many different types of them that is (almost) impossible to find the perfect one for you. Traditional or contemporary designs will make the difference when doing this kind of works for your home (for yourself).

Did you find the one you like? Of course you did! So now there is just the final, easy step – Now you just need a screwdriver… I bet you know what the next step is!

Tile effect laminate flooring: Yes! That’s your choice!

Tile effect laminate flooring has all the properties of classic laminate flooring, plus an extra anti humidity cover, so it is good to use in kitchens and in bathrooms.

Laminate flooring appears to be the best way that everyone can enjoy a wood effect in their home. It is affordable and has many desirable features – it is easy to install, easy to clean, and very durable! The most popular type of laminate flooring is the thermal isolation specification. It is very warm and comfortable, even in cold months. It has been the prevalent choice in north countries.

tile effect laminate flooring FAUS Palatino

FAUS Palatino

In warmer countries, real wood is rarely used, but laminate is. Real wood warps and expands in the heat, but laminate does not! So, we have a floor which is suitable for all conditions, winter and summer!

Tile effect laminate flooring is a more recent innovation in this market and it performs well across many different aspects. It does everything that a laminate floor can, but with a whole new style!

It is a little more expensive than most wood laminate flooring out there, but it is still affordable and cheaper than tiles or real wood!

In the UK, tile effect laminate flooring has become very popular, especially for use in kitchens and in bathrooms. This is because of its anti humidity cover, but also thanks to its range of styles and effects!

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Tile effect laminate flooring FAUS aventino italiano

FAUS Aventino Italiano

Take a look at a few examples of the tile effect laminate flooring available exclusively from FinsaHome; Faus tile effect laminate flooring is available across the UK!

Sizes in tile effect laminate flooring differ from the traditional sizes of laminate flooring. This is because the effect should feel like real tiles, cut from real slate or stone. Realistically, stone and slate are cut into big squares, for practicality. The Faus range of tile effect laminate flooring introduced sizes of 1200×300, 1200×400 and 600×600 to the UK. Also, the pattern on each tile is slightly different, so you can place your tiles randomly and still achieve a look that is natural and balanced.

tile effect laminate flooring FAUS Vulcano negro

FAUS Vulcan Negro

In conclusion, tile effect laminate flooring is the up and coming choice for kitchens and bathrooms across the UK. With an anti – humidity cover and a wide range of new and classic styles to choose from, tile effect laminate flooring could be the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom or kitchen renovation. You can enjoy the cold stone aesthetics of stone and tile whilst also enjoying the warmth of classic laminate flooring underfoot. And it’s all thanks to wood!

No blinds? No worries!

At this time of year, blinds are crucial if you want to get a good nights sleep! With blinds we can block out excess light and heat.

However, Blinds are not always so stylish or practical!

So, if you don’t have blinds, and don’t want them either, we’re here today to offer some alternatives!

No Blinds, solutions

Sleeping mask

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Rolling Screens

No blinds, rolling screen

Rolling screen


They are made of a special fabric that doesn’t let hot or cold pass through – it is a thermal insulator. They can block out the light too depending on the thickness of the fabric. Plus you just need 4 screws in most of the cases to install them. Simple as that!

Black out fabric

No blinds, black out fabric

Black out fabric

The name might make you think it is intended to make you forget about what happens when you use it… but its real purpose is to make your room as dark as the nights sky. You can find it in coils to be cut to your desired size so we can do it by ourselves and make it a curtain to place with our existing one.

Polyester rolling estor

Several types of fabric in this case (cotton, linen, acrylic, polyester…). You can chose from them depending on where you are going to place it. You probably don’t need total darkness for the kitchen or a bathroom, but you probably do for your room, so make sure the chosen one meets your needs.

Electrostatic adhesive rolls

If we don’t want to blind the window we can use electrostatic adhesive rolls. They are commonly used in offices and commercial places. They make the room darker but the light can still pass through them. They reduce around 70% light and 90% UV ray. They are easy to install and easy to remove so this is not an issue, anyway they are not designed to be installed and removed daily or often.

Focusrite fabric

In case we want to keep our own curtains and we want to convert them to make them completely opaques, we can go for this kind of fabric. You just need to stick it to your own curtains and you are good to go. Plus they usually have velcro or any other way to install them really easy.

Can you think about any other way to solve this issue?

Colour for walls, so many options

Smells like fresh paint, the colour looks great, and the most important thing is that when you come home, you feel like you have arrived at a brand new house. Yes! Just painting your house can make a big difference, and summer is the perfect time to do that.

colour for walls - paint pot

Paint Pot

And don’t forget about the satisfying moment when your guests ask if you changed anything in your house. And you just think about that moment when everything began and you decided to go and buy some paint and paint rollers.

About colours

Colour range nowadays is infinite. And it is really powerful. It can make a room look bigger, smaller, and even influence your mood. So it is really important to combine them properly!!

Colour  for walls - Colourwheel

Colour wheel

There are several things to take into account when choosing colour. But you can minimize the list to just the environment you want to create, and who will be living in there.

For babies it is good to use lighter colours which are not too intense, to create emotional stability and to help them rest better.

Kids prefer brighter colours, and you can use colours from their favourite team or from a TV show they love.


Common colours should be used in bedrooms, and it is great to combine the intensity or tone in different walls with the same colour, try it!

For the living room or any other shared room you can use more bright or saturated colours, like red.

Remember your limitations are not dictated by the manufacturers range of colours (which are huge), but you can mix paints to make your own too.

As a bonus, today we will tell you about some other painting techniques you can use instead of painting your house.

Painted paper:

it is a cool alternative to paint. It is really easy to install and you can combine it with your sheets or your sofa. And it is trendy right now, so if you want to be in fashion, this could be your best choice.

Decorative vinyl:

Colour for walls - Decorative vynil

Decorative vynil

as the previous choice, they are easy to install. But its purpose is more about giving personality. There is a neverending list of designs to stick to your walls.

Sheets of fabric:

yes, I know it sounds weird, but this is something that has been done for centuries. And they are easy to mix into the environment of the room because of the available range.

So what do you think is better for you? Do you know any other technique you would like to share with us?

Worktop, find the perfect for you!

Are you a chef, or do you rely more on your microwave? Whatever you do in your kitchen, you don’t need to worry – there is a kitchen worktop for you! You should keep in mind that just because your worktop may be used intently, it doesn’t mean that can’t be stylish.

Today we are going to help you choose your perfect worktop, and point out some things that you may not have considered along the way.

So let’s get started, there are some rules you should follow to be happy with your worktop…

  • It has to fit your lifestyle
  • It has to fit your way of cooking
  • It has to fit your preferences

Do you like spending time in the kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking?

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or you just like to cook, you should go for something that is resistant to heat and abrasion.

You can chose a natural stone worktop. They are strong and resistant. There are plenty of options in this category to choose from. However, it could be really expensive depending on the type of stone you choose.

Stone WorktopAnother interesting choice if you are a cooking enthusiast, is a quartz worktop. There is a huge range of colours for worktops made of quartz, from beige to pink, so you will find the perfect one for you. The thing is quartz is not so heat resistant, so you will have to be careful with it.

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Our last suggestion for cooks is the porcelain ceramic worktop. They are made of a really resistant material in terms of heat and wear. Plus, they are nonstick and some of them are even antibacterial. Designed on plain colours, they are trendy right now because of their fineness.

Don’t have time for cooking? Don’t like it? Don’t worry, there are worktops for you too!

White stone laminated worktop

If you are more of a tupperware and microwave person, you probably don’t need the high spec worktops we’ve been talking about. But there are still a couple more options for you to choose from.

Laminated worktops are probably the best choice for you. The range of finishes is so huge that it is ridiculous to talk about – you can find everything you can imagine! They are not so resistant to wear and heat, but they will meet your needs! The best thing about this kind of worktop is the price! They are really cheap for what you get!

Wood worktopAnd last but by no means least, is the option of real wood. A real wood kitchen counter top will give your kitchen a warm and natural touch! A little more expensive than a laminated worktop, but a little more hardwearing too! Real wood is the only option on our list which is recommended for cutting, slicing and chopping!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options when choosing your kitchen worktop. Just follow your needs and your budget!