Underlay for laminate flooring, which one?

Before installing a new laminate floor we may want to place a layer underneath the actual floor. It is called foam, underlay, or base. There are some important reasons to do that:

  • Steam Barrier
  • To level small irregularities
  • Thermal isolation
  • Acoustical isolation

Talking about its thickness, there are many different types. But the most used is the 3mm thick one, which is recommended by most of the manufacturers. Anyway, you can fill your needs with different ones, like 1mm or 5mm, if you need more isolation for example.

Underlay For laminate flooringThere are laws in some countries about this topic, making it an obligation to place this kind of underlay under all laminate flooring. Anyway, I bet it is almost impossible to be checked… It is mandatory as well in most of the cases for the underlays to have a film to make it steam resistant.

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The standard material for the underlay foam is polyethylene. It has a thin transparent film in one of its sides. It is usually white and 3 or 2 millimetres thick. This standard underlay makes all of the points on the list at the top of the post in an average way. But there are some other types to fit specific needs, as follows. Continue reading

Kitchen carcasses sizes, because size matters!

Have you ever wondered about the kitchen carcasses sizes when buying a new DIY kitchen online? Do you think your kitchen has enough space to fit them all in? Are you afraid of feeling claustrophobic in there? Are you reading this with a 2 am TV advertisment voice? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place… Well, forget about the last one…

The standard sizes of the kitchen are followed not only in Europe, but worldwide. Any single seller respects these standards for one reason: to make it simple for the customer. Obviously, you can get your own size by asking directly, but in most cases, the standard size will fit your kitchen space properly. Continue reading

How to clean your oven with things you can find in your house!

Unless you never cook, it is likely that you have some grease build up in your oven. A little bit of grease is fine, but it is worth keeping on top of it with simple cleaning techniques so that it doesn’t build up to an unmanageable state. An oven thick with grease is pretty hard to clean, as well as unappealing to cook in!

Cleaning your oven - BeforeYou could try harsh chemicals to deep clean your oven, but with our tips you will never need to resort to that. An added bonus is that you may already have all the ingredients you need to make your oven sparkle, right under your kitchen worktop!
Here is a list of all the things you will need:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Damp dish cloth

Now, we will tell you how it’s done!

First of all, remove baking racks and anything else you have in your oven, and set them aside until later. You could even leave them to soak in warm soapy water, so that your oven really gets the full treatment!

Now we will walk you through how to degrease your oven, the natural way!

Make a paste with baking soda and water. In a small bowl, mix half a cup of baking soda with a few table spoons of water until you have a spreadable paste. The desired consistency should be easily spreadable, but not too thin! You can always adjust your ratios as you go.

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Spread this paste all over the inside of your oven. Be mindful of the heating elements – you should avoid them! The baking soda will turn a brownish colour as you rub it in – don’t let that put you off! Also, some parts of the paste may be chunkier than others. Not to worry, just coat your oven as best you can, with attention to any areas that are particularly greasy..

This is the stage where rubber gloves may come in handy – you can really get into the grease on your oven without worrying about getting grime on your hands!
Leave it to sit overnight. At least 12 hours is best. This may sound like a long time, but the more work the baking soda can do overnight, the less work you’ll have to do.

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Wipe your oven clean. After 12 hours, the baking soda should have dried. Now you just need to wipe away with a damp cloth and warm water. Your oven should be revealed as if it was bought yesterday!

Cleaning your oven - Ready to cookSpray a little white vinegar. For a final touch, spray some white vinegar on the inside of your oven. This will get rid of any remaining baking soda residue. The vinegar will react with the baking soda and foam, so it will be easy to see any parts you may have missed.

Wipe away the remaining foamy mixture. Use your damp cloth and add vinegar and more water as you feel necessary. Use some elbow grease to get a nice shine!
Replace your oven racks and your good to go!

So there you have it, you can now keep your oven in tip top condition with ease!

7 Cleaning tips

We are sharing these cleaning tips because we know keeping your house clean is not an easy task. We like every corner to be perfect.  So we should take it easy and don’t hate the task. Anyway, with the tips in this post, it will be easier and cheaper.

Cleaning your windows.

Cleaning Tips - WindowsHave you been cleaning your windows with cloths or paper since ever forever? Stop! Try using tights! The finest, the best. And wipe in the same direction. You don’t even need to use chemical products, but you still can do.

Make your marble worktop shine.

It is easy, you just need vaseline and vinegar diluted into water. The first thing to do is to clean the marble worktop with a dry cloth. After that, use paper and the mix you have made to wipe the marble, and make it shine. You will feel the difference.

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Use detergent to clean carpets.

Cleaning tips - CarpetsEvery step you take on your carpets, the dirtier they get. It is impossible to avoid. For any especially dirty spots, you can use detergent, water and a dry cloth to clean them. If you can place them to get dry in the sun, it would be perfect.

Wooden floor cleaning.

Wood floor is beautiful, however it gets dirty really easy. It can actually drive you to choose some other options like marble or tiles. With these tips you can easily clean it. You just need lemon and softener. Mix it with water in a bucket and you are ready to go. Just scrub your floor as usual.

Keep the dust away from your TV.

Cleaning tips - TV and its static electricityThe trick for that is to avoid the static electricity on the screen. To do that you just need fruit, once more, a lemon. Use its juice and water to spread over the screen, and it will make your TV free of dust last for about 1 week.

Cleaning steel.

You will not believe this, but the best way to clean steel is to apply gin instead of water! No water, no dilution, just gin. Use kitchen paper instead of a cloth. Your steel electric components in the kitchen will shine, and you can prepare a gin and tonic after the work. Remember, AFTER, the work.

We will show you more cleaning tips in next post. Please, share with us using the comments if you know any other useful tips we all can take advantage of.

How to clean Laminate Flooring

Cleaning your laminate flooring, it is easy!

Once a new laminated floor has been installed, many people will ask themselves how to make that brand new shiny look last a lifetime.

You will need to know how to clean it properly! It is really easy, but in this post we will offer tips on how to achieve perfect results, and how to make your laminate floor last longer, and in pristine condition!

We will talk about common cleaning, and taking care of accidents!

Let’s go step by step.

1- The first thing to do is remove any dust build up. This can be done with either a soft brush broom or a vacuum cleaner. If you choose a vacuum cleaner, remember to use it on brush mode!!

Clean your laminate flooring easily

Clean your laminate flooring easily

2- It is useful to use a mop to remove any remaining dust. This will make our laminate floor shine as if it had been laid yesterday! How often do you need to do this? Well, it depends on the general usage of the room, and how cleaning obsessed you are!

Mopping a kitchen floor about once or twice a week will keep it looking fresh!

If you have a ‘little accident’…

3- A little accident is easily taken care of! – Simply use warm water to wipe area. This will work for all common spillages; fizzy drinks, wine, food… anything like that! The reason to use warm water instead of cold or boiling, is that warm water will evaporate without going through the external layer of the laminate flooring. Cold water would need to be wiped dry, and boiling would be too hot too handle!

You can use soap in these situations, but not too often! About twice a month would be okay.

“Bigger accidents”

4- First of all, what is a “big accident”? You could spill almost anything onto a laminate floor and only have to wipe it clean, as above. This is because laminate flooring has a protective outer layer, which acts like an invisible shield. If treated right away, you could spill anything onto this protective layer, and only have to wipe it clean. Even paint!

Clean your laminated floor

Clean your laminated floor

A “big accident” is a case where a spillage has been given the chance to permeate through the protective outer layer of a laminate floor, or to dry onto the surface.In cases where a common spillage has been given the chance to dry onto the protective outer layer, simply wipe the area a ‘little more’ than usual with warm soapy water. This will gently break down the dried on substance, and reveal a pristine laminate floor underneath!

In cases where a substance has permeated the outer layer, a more abrasive cleaning substance will take care of the job. You could use acetone or any other specific commercial product to wipe stains out of flooring.

But don’t forget about your trusty damp cloth! You will need it to remove the remains of the cleaning product used.

If you follow this advice, your laminate floor will remain sparkling and clean for many, many years!

The following is a list of tips and answers to customer FAQ’s that we think you’ll find useful!

  • When using a mop or a vacuum cleaner, make sure you do so in the same direction of the laminate flooring. Doing this, you pick up anything that might otherwise remain lodged in the joins.
  • When using a vacuum cleaner, make sure it is on brush mode!
  • If a liquid accident takes place, clean it immediately. Not doing this just makes more work for yourself!
  • To clean blackened joins, use a cloth and an alcohol!
  • Avoid using wax too often.
  • It is always good to follow the seller instructions, and check if they sell any specific product to clean the flooring they make.

Do you have any other specific problem when cleaning? Use the comments!

Laminate flooring VS Hardwood floor, pros and cons.

Laminate flooring, or a real hardwood floor?

If you are redecorating, moving house, or just want a change, you may have been stuck on this question. These days, the quality of laminate flooring is so high that it can really be a match for the real deal!

So, with that in mind, what are the real differences between a laminate floor and a hardwood floor?

We’re here to tell you about its durability, cleaning, maintenance, costs and all you need to know to help you make the right decision!

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Laminate flooring

Because  laminate wood flooring is made from pressed wood, it is very durable and resistant to scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Laminate flooring is also easier to clean on a routine basis. Because laminate flooring is literally ‘Laminated’ wood, you could think of it as having an extra protective layer. This layer is protective and also smooth and easy to clean after unexpected spillages. Nowadays laminate flooring can be used for more than 15 years even in a heavy commercial usage.

Hardwood floor

Hardwood - ScratchesUltimately, because a hardwood floor is unprocessed, it is softer than laminated boards. This makes it susceptible to dents and markings. A hardwood floors has only a layer of wax for protection. Keeping this kind of flooring in good condition is harder than its competitor counterpart.

Which leads us to

Cleaning and maintenance

Laminate floor flooring

Cleaning a laminated floor is no different than hoovering a carpet, as far as effort goes. You just need to either sweep or hoover as you feel necessary, and cleanliness is restored! You should mop regularly also, and voilà, a fresh, clean, gleaming surface. Keeping a laminate floor looking fresh is easy.

Laminate flooring - SweepingOther than that, no maintenance is required – a lamintate floor is very resistant to fading and UV rays. A quality laminate floor will keep its style and design for years and years, with no need to revarnish or refinish!

Hardwood floor

Because a hardwood floor has a layer of wax on top of it, it is susceptible to picking up dirt and holding on to it. You can mop this, but it is likely that you will get a less than satisfying result – it is likely that the dirt will become embedded in the wax.

A hardwood floor may have a reputation for being incomparable, but you sure do have to work for it!

To maintain a fresh look requires regular refinishing – ie regular sanding, re-waxing, buffering, and regular re-varnishing in heavily trafficked areas.

This is of course, additional cost to an already expensive floor.

That being said, a real wood floor has its advantages in terms of longevity. You could get a major stain or scratch on your floor, and instead of refitting planks, you could just sand over and reveal fresh untouched wood!

This is also apparent if you are redecorating; want a new shade of floor? Just sand and re-stain!

Although a real hardwood floor could last a lifetime, it is worth considering that the right laminate floor could also last a lifetime, and at a fraction of the price and maintenance!

If you do decide to change your laminate floor, it is cheap to buy, and easy to install!


Laminate flooring

laminate flooring really is the definition of cheap and cheerful. In the past, it has been a case of ‘you get what you pay for’, and what you got was an imitation of real wood that never came close to matching the real thing. However, nowadays laminate flooring quality has improved so much that you really can get more than you bargained for! There are so many styles and wood grains available that you are sure to find just what you are looking for, with a sought after price tag to match!

Hardwood floor

The offset cost of a real hardwood floor is exponential compared to a laminate. This is because you are not paying for a thin layer of tree to be pressed against a board of MDF and finished with a protective layer; you are paying for a whole plank of real tree; and trees are important!

Think about how many planks it would take to fill your living room, and you can see how the cost can easily sky rocket!

Add to this the cost for maintenance – Waxing, buffering, sanding and varnishing – You can hire the tools necessary and do the job yourself, or pay for a professional to do the job.

Laminate flooring - Wood feelA popular argument for a real wood floor is that it will add value to your home – but lets think about that for a minute – yes, the money you paid for your real wood floor will come back to you if you sell. But it is still the money you paid – it is not free money!


It seems that whilst hardwood flooring may have been the original and undisputed choice in the past, we are now living in times when the quality of laminate flooring means that everyone can enjoy the look and feel of a natural wood floor, without the cost to ourselves, our time, or the environment!

Do you need a new kitchen?

We all have wants and wishes. Sometimes we want what we can’t have. Sometimes we want what we absolutely can have – we just don’t realise how affordable it is!

A D.I.Y kitchen is an affordable choice if you have been thinking about buying a new one! If you can relate to anything on this list, maybe it is time to treat yourself!

Signs that you deserve a new kitchen!

You put up with ‘That Drawer’

That drawer could also be that cupboard. Or maybe you have both?! That drawer is the one that just never shuts properly! You can’t remember how or why it broke, but it’s been bugging you for years.


You clean your counter tops for hygiene, not for aesthetics!

Of course, it is important to clean for hygiene alone. But you miss the satisfaction of cleaning a scratch free surface, and leaving a dazzling shine!

You have tried many times to revamp your kitchen

But unfortunately, nothing is going to bring those old cupboards into the 21st century – and you know it!



You can see your most common journeys around the room

It’s all mapped out with worn in markings on the lino! You have tried to cover up the issue with a matt.. but you still know what lies beneath…


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You feel a hint of angst when friends visit with young children.

Could your kitchen actually be a health and safety risk? Who knows, but you have final destination induced scenarios running through your head, and you’d prefer to catch up in the living room.


Nothing has a place, and you are ‘OK’ with that


But really, your life could be made so much easier with better storage options.

You go to a friend’s house and are totally taken a back by their new kitchen.


You secretly wish you could cook your dinner there and host parties. You dream of having a brand new kitchen without spending too much. Well, with a DIY KITCHEN, you can!



Cool kitchen gadgets that just make sense!

Make your life easier with these kitchen gadgets we selected for you!

A custom engraved rolling pin is the first of the kitchen gadgets in this list. It will make any creation extra special!


Multiple scissors will save you loads of time and effort when preparing herbs, garnishes and salads!


A bread saw is way more useful than a traditional bread knife!


A twist whisk can be stored flat, saving precious drawer space!

twist wisk stores flat

A cutting board with a collider that hovers over the sink is one step ahead of you!


So is a cutting board with a detachable bin!


DIY kitchen: How to spruce it up on a budget

You’ve already built by yourself your DIY kitchen, well done! What if you improve it almost for free?

DIY kitchen by FinsaHome

DIY Kitchen by FinsaHome

•Create an artwork display in your kitchen

Kitchen artwork display for your DIY kitchen

Kitchen artwork display

•Re-paint cabinets a different colour

Refurbish your DIY kitchen

Refurbish your DIY kitchen


•Place some fresh fruit in a bowl to brighten up any worktop

Colour your DIY kitchen up

Colour it up!

•Change the colour of one or two walls for a dramatic new look

Are you scared?

Are you scared?

•Add a few shelves for extra storage space

Make everything be useful

Yes! That wasted wall can do something useful

•Replace handles to instantly update doors


Refurbish the doors

•Add some feature lights which will create a focal point for your kitchen


There may be light

•Finally…a bunch of flowers will make any spot in your kitchen look better and don’t forget the lovely smell!


Simple as that

The laid back guide to a spring clean!


TOP TIP – Forget about trying to deep clean everything in one weekend! Take it easy and make it manageable.

Here are 6 reasons why having a spring clean is a good idea; but remember, take it slow and enjoy yourself!

• Find things you’ve long forgotten about and lose yourself in time and old memories..


• Take in each room as you go and plan for new room layouts and decorating ideas!

living space

• Choose carefully what you want to put where in a practical sense, and become super organised and in tune with your home!


• Make space for that new hobby…


• Listen to some feel good music as you go…


• And of course, look forward to the satisfaction of applying those finishing springtime touches!


Have a lovely spring everyone!